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Interactive Virtual Magic Show

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Introducing a brand new experience through Zoom, 'In My Mind' is an interactive magic show where the audience directly participates on-screen with the performer. Various never-before-seen and original illusions are presented through an hour-long, theatrical production.

Cutting-edge technology is used to push Zoom's capabilities to its limits to bring to you a seamless experience that will take you out of the headspace of yet-another Zoom meeting and immerse you into pure illusion and wonder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Ooook. I've seen "quite a few" online magic shows...and this one was probably one of the most exciting and the most creative/original!!! Congrats!"

"Everyone had a BLAST!" So shook!"

"It's no secret that this pandemic has made it tough for performers, but Dennis has taken what many have seen as a disadvantage and turned it into something brilliant. Not only that, but he absolutely broke my brain from the start to the finish of the show."

"The show is FANTASTIC!!! Kim did a great job"

"You know he's legit when he's in the UMass Newsletter"

"Thank you SOOOOO much for showing my company a good time tonight!"

"What is this madness?!"

"Yeah okay, just destroy my mind on a Monday evening thanks Dennis"

"I highly recommend 10/10!!!"

"I'm...speechless. Great show Dennis! So well planned and performed!!"

"Blew my mind "In My Mind! Amazing show! Highly recommend it"

"My trust issues got worse after this insane magic show"

"I was expecting it to be good but not to have my mind COMPLETELY BLOWN!!!

"Can I get a clapping react for one more time"

"3rd time watching!! SO excited!

Who is the performer?

Dennis Kim is a 26-year old magician residing in New York. He currently consults and manages the show production for 'The Magician Online,' the world's greatest ticketed Zoom show. He has taken is consultation to performance, creating his own Zoom show available for private bookings.

What is a virtual show?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced performance artists and entertainers to creatively adapt. Magicians were no exception to this. A virtual show is simply a production that could be experienced live, but over Zoom.

'In My Mind' is unique in that its focus is not only to present the most astonishing and fooling magic, but also to use high-end technology to remove the reminder that it's a show over the virtual space through smooth transitions with having audience members actively participate seamlessly.

When is the show?

'In My Mind' can take place potentially at any time of day depending on the location, as it is available for booking all around the world, including outside of the U.S. However, the performer resides in New York (Eastern Time) and has developed this show to be experienced in the evening time.

Where does the show take place?

Anywhere participants can use Zoom, whether it be in the office or at home!

Why should I book this for my company?

Magic is undoubtedly the best entertainment option over Zoom due to its interactive nature. With work from home becoming more popular and varying in hybrid structure with coming into the office, companies can enjoy this as a team and staff outing with the convenience of taking place remotely. The experience itself is built to cater to businesses and bring high-value entertainment to bring employers and employees alike a unique, unforgettably experience.

How does it work?

Participants jump on Zoom at the scheduled time and wait for the show to start. During the show, they can simply watch and enjoy the magic, and can possibly be called on to be a part of the show!

"Dennis is out here freaking my bosses out and I will drink to that!!!"

"The selection and routining of the effects were very well thought out."

"That was amazing! My out-of-town friends showed - hence them going NUTS!"

"Dennis's show is excellent! So good! BOOK IT!"

"It's not every day that you get to watch a full production magic show from the comfort of your home..."


"I'm truly just floored by Dennis's magic show, even after the 2nd time. Bravo, bravo. You do not want to miss out on this show. Trust."

"That was phenomenal! Seamless and so entertaining!

"Got a chance to watch his magic performance and it was so damn AMAZING!"

"Gonna remain in my head for the next week"

"Magicians! This is a show you should see!"

"That was an amazing show! My second experience but STILL MIND BLOWN!"

"Virtual magic show is prime time Zoom entertainment! Can't spoil anything but the ending is just.. MINDBLOWN!"

"He's the one! Awesome show man you KILLED it!"

"Amazing job!! Encore!!"

How long is the experience?

The entire experience is approximately 60 minutes long.

How can I book you?
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Inquire about private show date availability below:

Thanks for submitting! Will get in touch shortly.

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